What we do

T-shirt types and materials

The type of your T-shirt and sweatshirt you can choose yourself. You are capable of creating your own model, or even draw it and we will do it for you. The materials are high-quality and ready to become a part of your life. The textile is always in stock and you can choose everything that is in our menu.


Shipping is pretty easy and clear. You make an order, choose the most beneficial variant of your stuff, then we print it and deliver everywhere you want. Any country in the World.

Custom t-shirt

Wondering about something special? You can obtain it, just write your wishes to our support team. We will do it.


Delivery is the most exciting part. In any case you will get your oreder in 2-10 days(it depends on the country you live in), and also it will be donevia the curierr. All for your conveniece.

Personal data

You will be totally satisfied with our pricing. There is a range of products that can fit anyone.